Brent cyr


Athlete Bio

Age: 43
Racing Years:15
Hometown: Summerland, B.C.
Current Residence: Surrey
Favorite Race: Ironman Canada - Penticton
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
2003 Ironman Canada- Qualified for Ironman World Championship 25-29 AG
2010 - Victoria Half Iron 1st place 35-39 AG
2013 - Vancouver Half Iron 1st Place 40-44 AG
Race PRs:
 ½ Iron PR: 4:20
Ironman PR: 9:49

Olimpic PR: 2:06


How I got started in Triathlon.
Growing  up in Summerland I watched IM Canada many times. I thought these people  were crazy! After finishing my first marathon in 2001, I decided that I  would sign up for IM and I did. I have not stopped training or racing  since.
What’s the best triathlon advice someone ever gave you?
Stay present and race your own race.
What's the worst triathlon advice someone ever gave you?
That pancakes are a good pre-race meal.


What has been your most challenging race experience? Coming to the conclusion that my day is going to end at the medical tent rather than the finish line. 

What advice would you offer to age-groupers who wish to improve in the sport of triathlon? Embrace the training process, it is the best part of being a triathlete.