FAQs - BIKE case rental


1.  What type of bike cases do you rent?
Answer: Soft shell case and hard shell case

2. What brand/model of the bike cases do you rent?

  • Soft shell case: Scicon Aerocomfort Triathlon, EVOC bike travel bag.
  • Hard shell case: Scicon Aerotech Evolution,
  • You can get the specifications via the respective links. www.evocsports.com www.sciconbags.com

3. Which is the better option, the soft or the hard shell case?
Answer:  Whilst the soft case is lighter and slightly less cumbersome to move  around, it provides significantly less protection than the hard case.

4. Which is easier to pack?
Answer: Hard shell cases and the EVOC Bike Travel Bag require the removal of the same parts (i.e: pedals, wheels, handle bar or stem). The Scicon Aerocomfort only requires the removal of both wheels.

5. How long does it take to pack my bike?
Answer:  It takes a professional mechanic 45 to 60 minutes to pack, depending on  the type of bike, tri/aero bar set up etc. You will also want ensure  that your bike is generally clean before packing.

6. Can the packing/assembly be done at my location or is it done at the workshop?
Answer:  Yes, we can pack or assemble your bike at your location, if it is  convenient for you. We can even show you how to pack and assemble your  bike if you wish. If not, we will bring the bike back to our workshop to  be packed and return with your bike packed in the case.

7. Can the cases be locked?
Answer:  Yes, the hard shell case has combination locks and you can use padlocks  for the soft shell case. If you are travelling to the US, we recommend  leaving the cases unlocked or using TSA approved locks, as TSA will open  the cases to inspect its contents.