Bike Tech  Race Team is a competitive triathlon team based in British Columbia,  Canada. During the 2018 season, our 12 top level age-group athletes will  race all over the world with a shared a goal: to drive towards each of  their individual goals, to support each other and to promote the sport  and community of triathlon wherever they go. With each team member  bringing a unique skill set and individual strengths, Bike Tech CMS will  support each athlete in their individual and team-based goals this  year.

We  are proud to have an amazing group of athletes, to be the first people  to represent Bike Tech Race Team this year!  At the end of the day, no  matter what distance they tackle or what time they tally, all our team  members are bonded by their commitment to swimming, biking and running. We started with 8 and have since grown to 12. 

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